Friday, February 26, 2016

Manu Katché - 'Unstatic' (2016)

Manu Katché’s previous quartet recording at the New Morning in 2014 was noticeable for the absence of a bassist. And the surprise here is that for his new album Unstatic the drummer-star has gone into the studio with a new group, enhanced by the addition of double bass player Ellen Andrea Wang. The new opus, an immensely enjoyable affair, reveals a suite of soundscapes whose colours form a soft blend : no disturbing fits and starts here, even if the sonic scenery often has a very contagious rush of energy. Consisting of eleven titles, each an immediately memorable invitation for us to join them on their journey, the album entwines us with the skilful spinning of a whirling dervish. And not only does this procure intense pleasure : the new record reveals the drummer-leader to be a composer of growing serenity. Read more...
'Unstatic' is to be realesed March 11th 2016 on Anteprima Productions.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Vijay Iyer / Wadada Leo Smith – A cosmic rhythm with each stroke (2016)

A cosmic rhythm with each stroke features pianist Viay Iyer and the musician he has described as his “hero, friend and teacher”, trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith. Vijay has previously played extensively with Wadada in Smith’s Golden Quartet, but the present album is the first documentation of their duo work, produced by Manfred Eicher at New York’s Avatar Studios in October 2015. More...

Monday, February 1, 2016

Gogo Penguin - 'Man Made Object' (2016)

It's been two long years since their last LP "v.20'. Now Manchester based trio GoGo Penguin (drummer Rob Turner, double bassist Nick Blacka and pianist Chris Illingworth) is coming back with their third album called "Man Made Object", out February 5th on iconic Blue Note Records. And it's a great comeback. Drawing on a heady brew of influences from Brian Eno, John Cage, Massive Attack and Aphex Twin, GoGo Penguin has created a brave new sound that is wholly their own. Read more...
Available for streaming on Spotify / Deezer

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