Thursday, October 29, 2015

Chris Minh Doky - 'New Nordic Jazz' (2015)

Danish bassist and composer Chris Minh Doky has just released his new album called "New Nordic Jazz".
"I have long wanted to explore and crystalize my heritage from the Danish Nordic culture with some of my favorite Danish musicians, pianist Peter Rosendal and drummer Jonas Johansen".- He says - "I want to let the spirit of jazz lead us to a new sound. A Nordic Sound. A sound rooted in the acoustic and organic traditions of Denmark. I want my instrument to be the voice of these stories, standing on the shoulders of another proud tradition of Denmark; The Acoustic Bass".
Read more about the project. You can listen to this great album, among others, on Spotify and Deezer.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Espen Eriksen Trio - 'Never Ending January' (2015)

Worldwide touring and further refining of their already developed signature sound has led to this, their third album. Beautifully recorded and mixed at Propeller Studio in Oslo, the focus is on typically Scandinavian elements such as folk music, melancholia and the deep woods. In that respect it´s fair to say that they belong to the same tradition as Tord Gustavsen and the late Esbjörn Svensson, even Jan Johanson in some respects, but without really sounding like any of them. But it´s also fair to say that the trio´s less is more approach is in stark contrast to many contemporary piano trios, with shorter tunes and strong focus on melodic content. More...

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Michael Wollny - 'Nachtfahrten' (2015)

This release owes its original inspiration to a book published in 2013 entitled “Nachtmeerfahrten” (Sea Journeys by Night), which takes the reader over to the dark side of romanticism, to a world of fantasy, of eerie shadows, and things that go bump in the night. Producer Siggi Loch edited the “Meer”/ sea part out of the title, which therefore became “Nachtfahrten” (Night Journeys), which suits this pianist, who is a creature of the nocturnal realm. He feels very much at home in a world of grey cats and blurred outlines, where the contrasting emotions of the moment can leave all rational expectations behind; this is a backdrop which is alive with possibility, but also with trepidation.
Through the night with Michael Wollny: 14 Jazz-Nocturnes in a new trio setting: reduced to the essence, mysterious, magical & lyrical. More...

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Jono McCleery - 'Pagodes' (2015)

Jono McCleery’s ever growing fanbase will be thrilled to hear that the Rotterdam-based singer songwriter has produced his definitive album. Pagodes is the deepest, most powerful work to date by a musician whose work has been described as like “Miles Davis, Massive Attack, John Martyn, Fink, and Radiohead wrapped up in one exquisitely produced sound.”
Born deaf, McCleery only became able to hear at age 5. He picked up the guitar as an eighteen year-old, honing his craft on the London live circuit and touring with the One Taste Collective alongside the likes of Little Dragon, Jamie Woon, Nick Mulvey, Portico (Quartet) and Kate Tempest. Along the way he picked up a small of army evangelical fans, including luminaries such as Tom Robinson and Vashti Bunyan, who led the charge to crowdfund his debut album Darkest Light. Read more...

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