Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sarah Elizabeth Charles - 'Inner Dialogue' (2015)

Sarah Elizabeth Charles’ sophomore record, “Inner Dialogue” will be released on Truth Revolution Records after two years of creatively crafting what has come to be a lush, modern and original collection of material. The release of this full-length project follows Charles’ debut EP, “Red”, which came out in 2012. This new recording is pushing even more boundaries and allowing Charles and her band, the S.E.Charles Quartet, to spread their wings and explore a more layered and produced sound. With both an ethereal and rocking quality to it’s sonic pallet, “Inner Dialogue” takes the listener to new heights in Charles’ vocal ability and performance as they travel through a wide array of vocal harmony, textures and effects. Read more...

Released: 24 March 2015
Sarah Elizabeth Charles: Voice, Jesse Elder: Piano, Keys and Rhodes, Burniss Earl Travis II: Bass, John Davis: Drums.  SPECIAL GUESTS Christian Scott: Trumpet,  Camila Meza: Guitar,  Jesse Fischer: Glockenspiel.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Indra Rios-Moore - 'Heartland' (2015)

Indra Rios-Moore’s story begins on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, continues across the Atlantic in Denmark, but as yet has not come close to reaching a climax, or thankfully an ending. Like every good story it has had twists along the way, ups, as well as downs, joy and pain, but also sacrifice and success. If art reflects life then it is little wonder that Indra’s album, Heartland is eclecticism in the extreme…it is an album that is both intensely personal but also broad in its musical sweep. Hardly surprising given Indra’s story. Read more...

You can stream this album on:  Spotify / Deezer

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Elina Duni Quartet - 'Dallёndyshe' (2015)

Nakładem ECM Records ukazał się drugi album kwartetu albańskiej wokalistki Elina Duni zatytułowany 'Dallёndyshe'. Płyta równie nostalgiczna choć nieco mniej ponura jak debiutancki album'Matanё Malit' zawiera głównie interpretacje tradycyjnych albańskich pieśni ludowych w jazzowo- folkowej śmietance.
Więcej informacji na stronie domowej oraz na stronach ECM.

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