Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ambient Jazz Ensemble - 'Suite Shop' (2014)

Ambient Jazz Ensemble’s sound is inspired by a mix of Brian Eno, Gil Evans and Weather Report. From the offset “Eyes Wide Open” takes us on an glorious orchestral, slightly jazzy direction. Think Pat Metheny Group meets David Axelrod with a modern electronic twist. The horns, brass, strings and synths play off each other to create beautiful soundscapes.
“The Journey”, showing the funkier side of Suite Shop, flirts with chorale music at its peak. The aptly titled “Quiet Hero” does exactly what it says on the tin: gorgeous tranquility in a Massive Attack “Teardrop” kind of way which then builds in booth mood and intensity climaxing in electronic orchestral heaven, definitely one for festivals, sunsets and rises, epic moments personified. And then we confidently exit the Suite Shop “Never In Doubt” and roll the credits. Read more...

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